Tom Cruise: ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ Poster!

Tom Cruise: 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Poster

‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ Poster

Tom Cruise is reviving his character Ethan Hunt for the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

As we reported before, the 49-year-old Cruise did some pretty dangerous and impressive stunts himself for them movie.

This installment has Ethan Hunt going rouge and looking for the bad guys who have blown up the Kremlin while all the IMF agents have been given Burn Notice (on Ghost Protocol) because they have been implicated in the Kremlin explosion.

Tom Cruise will be back on the big screen in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol starting December 21, 2011.

In case you haven’t seen it, the ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ trailer can be seen in the video below.

‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ – Trailer

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