Major League WTF? House Of Prostitution Disguised As Church Busted By Phoenix Police

Hey, what’s the world coming to anyway when a poor guy can’t even operate a house of prostitution disguised as a church and not get busted by the police? But hey, that’s what happened down in good old Phoenix, Arizona when police raided the Goddess Temple, which claimed to a religion, yet according to police offered sex acts in exchange for church donations from “goddess” members. The church not only has their own website featuring available goddess members for “tantra healing sessions”, but also another website of “unveiled” goddesses. You can pretty well read between the lines what “tantra healing session” and “unveiled goddess” means, can’t you?

On one profile, Goddess Shana promised to take you on a journey of “ejaculatory mastery”, and who doesn’t want to be an ejaculatory master these days. I sure hate those ejaculatory amateurs, don’t you? Some things you want to leave to the professionals.

Apparently, the Van Nuys chapter of the Goddess Temple is still open for business and their website still up compared to the Phoenix website Which has now been pulled down. The Van Nuys site offers up such temple ceremonies as an erotic dance version of an ancient Balinese trance dance. I’m not sure how that compares against lingerie modeling or lap dances, but it seems like a new version of both. I’m not sure whether stuffing g-strings with dollar bills is suitable conduct while in this church or not.

I think I wasted too many years in the wrong churches. All I got were some lousy sacraments in the Catholic churches or endless hours of Bible study in the Protestant churches I attended services at. These folks apparently never heard of “tantric healing sessions”, yet claimed to be religious professionals. Rank amateurs, anyway…..

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  • So sad you spent so much time with the Protestants and Catholics! What a sad waste of time. Although I’ve heard the Catholics aren’t far behind this Goddess Temple hoopla anyway.

    Does this have anything to do with Charlie Sheen?

  • Paul Hooson

    You know , Liz, nowadays it sure seems like Charlie Sheen sure hijacked that whole goddess theme stuff.

    I sure spent many years of my life in religious studies, covering a few faiths. One of the most interesting theories I heard from a learned religious scholar was his more recent belief that Jesus wasn’t even a real person, as most religious scholars from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim worlds widely accept, but rather “Jesus” was a literary concept combining several popular old traditional stories from the Jewish faith together. The emerging cult of Christianity wanted these old Jewish traditional stories to be true, and started the worship of the “Jesus” concept around the third century. Interesting theory.