Build Your Own Psycho House

Polar Lights models has brought back a 1/87 scale model of the house from the famous 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film, PSYCHO. This HO scale reduction of an old Aurora model kit offers many great extras including window inserts, an optional staircase, and a small figure of “mother” that sits near an upper window. What a great movie based model kit this is. A skilled model builder can create a very authentic reproduction of the PSYCHO HOUSE.

Polar Lights deserves a lot of credit for either re-releasing old Aurora models or else improving on them. For 2011, Polar Lights is offering a collector’s tin edition of this great model kit. This is a great tribute to this legendary film, and one of the better movie toy products ever made. This makes a great display item for any avid movie collector. A light kit is inclued to light the creepy home up as well with this collector’s version of this kit.

At one time, model building was very popular, but then as sales waned since the early 60’s, large stores with toy departments began to exclude models from their inventory. Nowadays, small hobby shops, Ebay and Internet sales are the mainstay for the much smaller market for model building.

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, who was the designer for many custom cars and hot rods for Revell Models in the early 60’s once explained that after The Beatles hit the U.S. in 1964, many young guys stopped building model kits, and bought guitars instead to impress girls. When Revell Models ended their contract with Roth, he eventually moved on to designing custom trike chopper motorcycles and published CHOPPER Magazine for a few years. He also became friends with members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, but reportedly had some legendary fights and arguments with some members over some issues before folding the motorcycle magazine and embarking on new religious lifestyle as a Mormon until his death.

Modeling building will never achieve the success it once had. But, Polar Lights is bringing back part of the nostalgia for those who still love this hobby. The PSYCHO HOUSE model is a great kit.

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