EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, which was produced by David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants Co. was a true TV classic, which millions of viewers still sorely miss. Phil Rosenthal, creator of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND felt that the time was right to recreate the RAYMOND magic overseas, and the documentary film, EXPORTING RAYMOND, features his journey to Moscow to create a Russia version of the show. The Russian actors are interesting alternate versions of the U.S. cast. This is a very good movie available on DVD and makes a nice addition to DVDs of the American TV show itself.

The DVD also has plenty of great classic footage from the U.S. version of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND as filler material as well. What a great package this DVD is.

You’ll love the hilarious misadventures of Phil Rosenthal who seems totally lost in Moscow and the outrageous situations and complica that arise as he seeks to export the show to a foreign land. What a great treasure this DVD is.

Good TV never dies it seems.

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