Lady Gaga ‘Fashion Films’ New Look (Photos and Video)

Lady Gaga has released the first of five ‘Fashion Films’ intended to accompany her ‘You and I’ music video. Lady Gaga has a whole new look in this first ‘Fashion Film’. See some photo stills and the video below.

Lady Gaga, Fashion Films

Just when you think Lady Gaga can’t possibly top her latest bizarre look, she does. Every. time. This time she’s really maxing out the unexpected by going pretty much au naturale. There is nothing other than her in the video. She is in front of the camera posing in ballet shoes and simple silk slip. She’s wearing very little make-up and her hair is hanging long and loose.

The video is titled Haus Of U and features her Nymph character (which is also featured in the ‘You and I’ music video along with her macho male alter-ego JoJo Calderone).

The Lady Gaga Nymph character poses before the camera in a series of ballerina and seductive poses. The film is in black and white except one frame in which her hair is painted yellow and her cheeks are painted pink.

See Lady Gaga photos [some NSFW].

She told her twitter fans (Little Monsters) that she’s done five videos to accompany ‘You and I’ and this is just the ‘Haus of U’ is just the first one. We’ll let you know when the others are released. The woman is a marketing genius.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos and video below.

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