Tom Hardy ‘Warrior’ Fight Scene Clip Released (Video)

Tom Hardy, Warrior Poster

Tom Hardy is one of my favorite English actors partly because he’s nothing if not absolutely luscious to look at. Even his crooked teeth don’t detract from his gorgeousness, they just add more character and depth to his appearance. He exudes sexy. His full lips. His ripped muscles. His penetrating eyes, confidence and masculine swagger.

Sorry, was getting just a wee bit sidetracked. I’m supposed to be writing about ‘Warrior’. It stars Tom Hardy as the younger of two brothers. He’s a war hero and his older brother played by Joel Edgerton has a family and is a physics teacher. Their estranged father, played by Nicke Nolte, comes back into their lives as a former boxer and recovering alcoholic. The family drama is set against the brothers duking it out with opponents in a mixed martial arts tournament which leads to them having to face each other in the ring.

‘Warrior’ premieres on September 9th.

Below is the Tom Hardy ‘Warrior’ fight scene clip and the ‘Warrior’ official trailer that was released earlier this year. Enjoy the videos.

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