Jesse Eisenberg’s Embarrassing Little Film Before SOCIAL NETWORK

Earlier in 2010. hot commodity actor Jesse Eisenberg shot a very embarrassing low budget horror film CAPE HOPE in which he plays a weird disturbed kid at a Christian Summer Camp. It was a horrible role compared to his acclaimed role in the highly awarded SOCIAL NETWORK which made him into a major star. Now, CAMP HOPE, which has been renamed CAMP HELL is circulating at Redbox machines around the country, only to remind Eisenberg what a terrible embarrassing role he played in this $3 million dollar horror film cheapie released by Lionsgate which churns out horror films faster than paper towels on a role.

But, Eisenberg’s horrible little role as Daniel in the CAMP HELL is hardly the only awful role in this rancid little movie about evil striking a fundamentalist Christian Summer camp. The once popular Andrew McCarthy adds nearly nothing to this film as well. Dana Delaney also finds her talents wasted in this film as well.

While CAMP HELL is supposed to portray the campers at the Christian Summer camp as innocent victims of evil, the viewer can’t get over how much the fundamentalists who run the camp are as much of a danger to liberty as any fascist government would ever be. Rock music, comics books, and other innocent things that normal teenagers love is strictly forbidden at the camp, which ironically produces personalities far more warped than mainstream society would ever produce.

I bet Jesse Eisenberg regrets making CAMP HELL.

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