A Hard Man Is Good To Find: Sinead O’Connor Makes Weird Sex News

Controversial Irish singer Sinead O’Connor wants the world to know that she’s so love sick for a man that she’s using the Internet to find someone. Further, she’s so hard up for sex that she’s even blogging about her private sexual tastes as well including the fact that she does anal sex.

The singer even claims that she’s so hard up for a man that she’s even finding some vegetables looking pretty attractive lately. Hey, when some cucumber starts looking like Mr. Right, then you need to find someone pretty darn bad, Sinead.

On anal sex, the singer blogged that, “Let me now take time to make VERY clear that yes “I do anal” and in fact would be very unhappy if “doing anal” wasn’t on the menu, among everything else$$ So if u don’t like “the difficult brown”….don’t apply”.

Well, Sinead, at least growing some hair back recently makes you look more marketable to men. Most men like some hair on their women…..makes them feel a lot less like making love to a pool ball.

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