Matthew Fox Accused of Assault: Did He Hit a Woman Bus Driver?

Matthew Fox

Lost actor Matthew Fox has been accused of assault after an incident in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night. He is accused of hitting a woman bus driver when she attempted to prevent him from getting onto the bus.

The incident happened outside a bar in Cleveland. Apparently, Fox tried to get onto a party bus and he wasn’t part of the party. The female bus driver attempted to prevent him from boarding the bus, at which point he is alleged to have punched her in the breast and ‘stomach area’.

The woman is alleged to have punched Fox back in the mouth and says she may have broken her hand. But she is alleged to have left him with a bloody lip.

The police were called. Matthew Fox was handcuffed. He was detained, but not officially arrested. He was later released to a friend who took the Lost actor back to his hotel.

The incident is still under investigation.

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