Not Your Basic Corvette LS2 Powered Motorcycle Trike

For a mere $49,000, Boss Hoss Motorcycles can get you into a real nice 425hp Chevy LS2 V8 powered motorcycle. Yeah, that’s right the same ballsy powerplant that turns the wheels on a ‘Vette powers the Boss Hoss rides down the road as well. The fuel-injected powerplant has more than enough power to tool that 1455lb. motorcycle down the road where one model features a replica ’57 Chevy sheet metal, while another model features a pickup truck back, and a third a classic 1930’s styling. Take your pick, all three are high buck head-turning cool.

What spins the rear wheels is a narrowed Ford rear end, completed with some very nice 275/60-15 rubber. That’s some big boy’s rubber there, partner. Not your usual sissyass street rubber like the average family grocery getter spins.

Chevy’s bulletproof automatic transmission makes riding the Boss Hoss trikes effortless, and avoids having to make four or five gear shifts just to go one block in city traffic with the more usual manual transmissions on most bikes. Also, expect an easy in and out experience at grocery store parking lots with the reverse gear, which is pretty essential on a bike this big. Boss Hoss bikes are big bikes.

The Boss Hoss ’57 Chevy replica trike is about as cool as you can get, and also about as far removed from any old fashioned ice cream trike as you can get. If you can afford the high admission price, then enjoy one of the greatest E-rides out there. Major league cool by any standard.

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