Major League WTF? Rappers Goin’ Country?

Say it ain’t so, Margaret. But, some rappers are now cutting country albums of all things. First it started with Athens, GA hip-hopper Nappy Roots. Now, Atlanta, GA rapper B.oB. wants to do a country album to satisfy some inner redneck curiosity or something. Yeah, me and my homies like to get down at the rodeo. Like to spend all day….bale that hay. Yeah, milk them cows. I say wow. Break it down.

No telling how this is going to be received by either rap fans or by the folks who normally buy country albums, where even African American artists are about as scarce as hen’s teeth.

They used to say if you play a country music song backwards, you get your job back, you get your home back, you get your wife back. I guess if you play a rap-country song backwards, you get your bitch back, your friends get out of prison, you get your bullets back, etc.

In this picture, rapper B.o.B. sure looks like he’s still thinking about whether to go country or not. Well, don’t think about it too long. It’s a plumb crazy idea there, partner!

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