Clark James Gable: Clark Gable’s Grandson Arrested

Clark James Gable

Clark Gable’s grandson, Clark James Gable, has been arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion that he flashed a laser at a police helicopter temporarily blinding the police officers in the helicopter. Gable says he was trying to point the laser at the Hollywood sign. The 22-year-old grandson of the Hollywood legend is facing up to 3-years in prison if convicted.

Clark James Gable, 22, was charged in Los Angeles with training the green laser on a helicopter and momentarily blinding two officers on board, prosecutors said. The incident came at as the aircraft flew above Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood on July 28, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Police determined the laser, flashed three times at the helicopter, came from a red car Gable was riding in. Officers on the ground stopped the vehicle around 10 p.m. and arrested Gable. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

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