Honey Bun: Dog Eats $10,000 Worth of Diamonds!

Honey Bun

Honey Bun

Honey Bun, pictured above, is the dog that ate $10,000 worth of diamonds in a jewelry store in Albany, Georgia. He greets customers at John Ross Jewelers there and is pampered by both customers and the store owners.

As it turned out, the little canine thief was more mischievous than delinquent. He’s the pampered pet of a jewelry store owner who left some bags of diamonds, about a carat each, along with some dog treats on his desk while he waited on a customer. The careless pet owner also left his chair in just the right place to make the canine heist too tempting to resist.

“A customer came in and I jumped up out of my chair and came out here to wait on him. And I left the chair where you could jump up on my chair and jump up on my desk,” said Roberts.

On the desk: four packs of loose diamonds, about a carat each to set in diamond earrings, pens, and dog treats.

When he returned, only three packs remained, and an empty pouch was lying on the floor.

“Looked all over and there weren’t no diamonds, so immediately, I knew he’d eaten them,” said Roberts.

Since Honey Bun wasn’t talking, there was only one way to find out.

“She came down and took him across the street, and Steve ran X-rays,” said Roberts.

Carbon doesn’t show up on an x-ray, but two blank spots confirmed Honey Bun was a likely suspect.

It only took a day, and they found another surprise.

“The next afternoon, sure enough, the earring back and two diamonds were recovered. No panic,” said Roberts.

Honey Bun was guilty as charged, but this pooch was granted a reprieve.

“I haven’t scolded him to this day and won’t,” said Roberts. “It was my fault for leaving the chair there.”

I can just imagine how closely that jewelry store owner was watching for pooch poop till the diamonds were recovered.

You can watch a video of Honey Bun below.

Honey Bun: Dog Eats $10,000 worth of diamonds – Video

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