Lindsay Lohan Face: Botox, Booze or Plastic Surgery?

Lindsay Lohan

What is going on with Lindsay Lohan’s Face? Is it botox, booze or plastic surgery? She doesn’t look like her. For a while it was just her lips that were unnaturally pouty and didn’t fit the rest of her face. Now her cheeks seem puffed up. It could be that she’s done something to her cheeks to give her more defined cheek bones, or it could be too much booze.

Whatever it is, the 25-year-old sort of actress looks at least twice her age. I guess you can chalk that up to hard living and having to support her parents.

The pictures below are of Lindsay Lohan going to Kim Kardashian’s over-exposed wedding. Honest to G-d there are people comparing her to Pippa Middleton!!! I. Don’t. Think. So. Okay she wore the same dress in a different color but that’s where the comparison ends.

See more Lindsay Lohan photos below from Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

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