Kathy Griffin Makes News On CONAN Over Confrontation With Michele Bachmann

Ratings challenged CONAN just got some big publicity. Comic Kathy Griffin appeared on the show this week and related her recent confrontation with presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in which the comic called Bachmann a “bigot” to her face. Griffin showed up at a Bachmann political event and a cameraman for the congresswoman recorded the confrontation on camera, which makes it unlikely that video of the confrontation will ever surface. Bachmann’s office will never release this videotape.

Griffin considers herself to be a D-list celebrity, but often makes news for her outrageous appearances and public antics including the recent release of some topless photos. Griffin even took former Bristol Palin boyfriend, Levi Johnston, to a number of public events simply to aggravate the Palin family.

Kathy Griffin

In support of her political views in support of gay rights as well her need to keep herself in the public eye, Griffin decided to cause some sort of public antics to make news at the Bachmann political event. And Conan O’Brien can use the ratings boost right now from Griffin’s appearance and controversy as well. If a few more folks are watching CONAN this week than last, then he can thank Kathy Griffin for the little ratings boost.

Check out these Kathy Griffin bikini photos!

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