The March Of Technology: Sex Toys Go High Tech

High Tech engineering has hit the sex toy market with a new $249 toy from RealTouch meant for use by men. The new high tech sex toy device provides both heat as well as sensation to the male organ by means of four tiny dc motors as well as a body temperature heating device. The high tech toy is supposed to offer as realistic as possible sensation as actual sexual intercourse.

The device even hooks up to a computer for an interactive virtual sex session with a popular porn star. The device comes with 10 interactive virtual sex videos. The device is even being sold on Amazon at a discount price where it has received 4.9 star out of five reviews from users(or self-abusers).

If you have an extra $249 laying around guys, then you might want to opt for this new high tech sex toy which has brought self-abuse into the computer age. Otherwise, you can do all the hard work yourself the old fashioned way. Either way, the clean up afterward is the most unpleasant part of the job.

I bet self-abusers back in days of Abraham Lincoln would be astounded by the modern high tech self-abuse computer interactive toys of today. If only Lincoln was alive today to use this new device. It’s sort of like THE JETSONS, except with self-abuse. Isn’t the march of technology grand!

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