My Children Went to Hollywood and All I Got Was a Stinking Picture of David Hasselhoff’s Hollywood Star!

What is it with Germans and David Hasselhoff? I don’t get it. I really don’t. Its some kind of cultural thing that is beyond our understanding. The photo below is my German daughter-in-law teaching my half-German granddaughter to idealize David Hasselhoff. They went to Hollywood and all I got was a stinking picture of David Hasselhoff’s star on the Walk of Fame.

David Hasselhoff Hollywood Walk of Fame

My children went to Hollywood last week. I told them to get me some good pictures and this is what they got me. In fairness, I have to point out that my daughter-in-law is German (pictured with David Hasselhoff’s Walk of Fame Star), so I guess that’s her excuse. What I find inexcusable is she’s teaching her daughter, my granddaughter, to do the German thing with David Hasselhoff. I just don’t even know how to respond to this.

David Hasselhoff Hollywood Walk of Fame

When I asked my daughter-in-law what it is about David Hasselhoff they love so much she told me I was just jealous. I don’t think that was the right answer. I really just don’t get what it is with German’s and David Hasselhoff!

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  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Liz. A very attractive family for you to be proud of. You have a wonderful family.