Jani Lane, Former Warrant Lead Singer Dead At 47

The former lead singer from the 1990’s big hair hard rock group, Warrant, has died. Jani Lane sang lead vocals on such band favorites as “Cherry Pie” for the group. He was 47. Lane was always very proud of his “Cherry Pie” song, considering it to be one of the hallmarks of his musical career. Lane was staying in a Los Angeles motel room and was discovered to be lifeless. His cause of death is not yet known. But Warrant was always one of the more influential of the hair-metal groups of the 90’s era.

Warrant has become something of a revolving door for musicians over the years, yet Jani Lane managed to carry the band through some of their greatest years, providing lead vocals on some of their biggest hit songs. Along with Guns N’ Roses and other top hair-metal bands, Warrant was always considered one of the greatest bands of that era. Warrant would often appear on the same concert bills with Guns N’ Roses in fact.

Jani Lane was a great front-man for this act. He was a great vocalist for this genre of music and seemed straight from central casting as a great hair-metal act front-man.

Jani Lane

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  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t it Bobbi Brown who was the girl in that video?