TWO AND A HALF MEN: Charlie Harper Murdered By Rose?

Here’s what a spy source claims will be the cause of death for Charlie Sheen’s character on TWO AND A HALF MEN. The source clams that the script involves Rose speaking at his funeral claiming that Charlie Harper was killed in a “meat explosion” accident in the Paris subway. All of this seems highly suspect considering that the unbalanced Rose, who stalked and finally married Charlie, catches him in the shower with another woman while on their honeymoon in Paris.

What do you think? Did producer Chuck Lorre get his poetic revenge on Charlie Sheen here? I suppose tearing a fictional character into tiny bits ranks right up there on the revenge factor scale, right?

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  • Margothequeen

    pathetic Chuck Lorre, i hope it is not true with this scenario Ros character is destroyed, hello we don’t want a character who murdered the beloved main character of the show..Lame.