Gold Casts and Nannies: Beckhams Spare No Expense for Harper Seven

David Beckham and Harper Seven Beckham

They say the average cost of raising a child is a little over a quarter of a million dollars. That is, of course, unless you are a Beckham in which case that is just pocket change.

As everyone knows, Victoria Beckham recently gave birth to the couples fourth child and first daughter. They are obviously head over heels in love with little Harper Seven Beckham. They are twittering pictures of her and declarations of their love. Now they are spending $1,600 to have gold casts made of the month old baby’s hands and feet and are said to be spending around $500,000 on child care for her first year.

The Beckhams have haired three nannies to provide round-the-clock care for the darling little baby girl. They are said to probably have beefed up their security details as well, which is understandable all things considered.

Ah well, you can’t blame them for being proud and happy. The baby is adorable, they finally have a girl and since they can afford it, why not?

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  • Valerie cox

    isnlt it sad that there are babies and kids starving to death on one side of the world and yet the beckhams are having gold casts made of their little girls feet and hand etc to the tune of probably £1000’s and hiring 3 nannies to look after her when her mother should be anyway with perhaps a little help from her mum and one nanny given poshs’s status. I know they proabably give loads of money to charity but this opulance is sickening really there is no need of it. Adore the child by all means and of course they going to buy things for her that ordinary folks couldnlt think of but all this over the top with nannies etc make me want to weep where the hell is posh while all these nannies are there for God’s same woman look after the baby as luch as possible yoursself Harper will be grown before you realise it she will probably hate those casts when old enough to be embarassed by them. Spend time with yur  daughter Posh you will regret it if you donlt. Moneu isnlt everything believe me.

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