Celebrity Skin: Nicki Minaj Has Major League Wardrobe Malfunction On GMA

Hot rap star Nicki Minaj was supposed to help promote her album PINK FRIDAY as well as her tour backing up Britney Spears on GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Instead, she promoted her left breast which fell out of her turquoise colored bra during one of several musical numbers she performed as part of GMA’s Summer Concert Series segment. Viewers on the East coast got to see the incident live which was edited out for other time zones. ABC immediately offered an apology statement which will likely result in substantial FCC fines and may force networks to consider ending live concert footage on TV, instead reverting to videotape which they can edit or review before airing.

The Nicki Minaj incident was obviously some sort of accident, yet you can almost certainly expect the FCC to react because of pressure from congress to do something. Congress can’t solve this nation’s economic problems, yet once held hearings because of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident which included bizarre and hysteric testimony from members of congress attacking the entertainment industry as well as broadcast indecency. These jokers just can’t seem to understand that accidents sometimes happen. That’s why they call them wardrobe malfunctions, by golly.

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