Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Democratic Party Fundraiser Calls Donors Telling Them That They’re Going To Be Arrested On Drug Charges

An outrageous fundraiser working for the Democratic Party of Oregon has been making outrageous fund-raising calls to donors telling them that they’re going to arrested on drug charges as a sick joke. The latest outrageous conduct is about to be as expected when organizations don’t do background checks on who they hire or set down hard and fast rules about professional conduct.

The unfunny joke is also backfiring as well, as at least one donor asked to be permanently removed from the Oregon Democratic Party phone call list as a result of the outrageous phony threatening phone call.

Rather than concentrating on improving the economy or running the country well, the Democratic Party has recently been focused on huge fund-raising efforts at all levels, local and national. While the latest Gallup Poll has President Obama trailing a generic GOP candidate by eight points, his re-election campaign has raised more than $80 million so far, easily besting GOP front-runner Mitt Romney’s $29 million by comparison. The Democrats hope to counter a weak presidency and weak political leadership with huge ad blitz campaigns, which hardly seems like a suitable substitute for better political leadership to begin with.

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