Kim Kardashian 3D Photos to be Used as First 3-D Magazine Cover Girl!

Kim Kardashian 3-D

Kim Kardashian describes her 3-D photos as ‘magical’. She did a super secret desert photo shoot with photographer Nick Saglimbeni for the world’s first 3-D magazine World’s Most Beautiful. Her photo spread is for the magazine’s first issue making her the first 3-D magazine cover girl.

All you need is a pair of 3-D glasses to have Kim Kardashian popping out of the page at you!

A limited edition of the first issue of World’s Most Beautiful will be available on August 8th. Here is the magazine’s website.

E! broke the story and you can read more there. Meanwhile, enjoy the 2-D version of her photo above and a video of Kim Kardashian discussing the photo shoot below.

See more Kim Kardashian photos [some NSFW]

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  • If it weren’t for the five pounds of spackle and paint, she might be passingly pretty.  With it?  Eh.  Relentless self-promotion is the only thing between her and working as a checkout clerk at WalMart.