Major League WTF?: Catholic School Hires White Supremacist As Principal

No, it’s not a new NBC comedy! But, for the last two years, Frank Borzellieri has served as principal at Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, a Bronx Catholic school despite an active career as a White supremacist author, linked to several controversial groups. Despite concerns of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a legal organization that has successfully sued some White supremacist’s for civil rights violations, the Catholic Archdiocese has remained clueless about their choice of principal for a school with a large Black and Hispanic population. Apparently, using a computer for a little Google background check involves technology that this church has not yet embraced. It was only after an angry man was arrested who disrupted a Catholic mass to protest Borzellieri that this church got a clue that something might be seriously wrong with their choice of school principal.

Certainly, the religious school is very bit concerned that Borzellieri’s views are far outside of church teachings. But, with their great track record of terrific background checks that have only allowed numerous sex criminals into church leadership positions, it’s only about to be expected that a few others with outrageous backgrounds like Borzellieri can find their way into positions of authority with the church as well.

The latest embarrassment for the church is so funny that NBC should seriously consider making a weekly comedy about it. I think that WHITE SUPREMACIST CATHOLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPAL has hit written all over it. You think? – Sort of a twisted version of SAVED BY THE BELL, or something?

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  • I may not like religion, but your demonizing of it is just another form of poor writing. It shows you are afraid to examine the true issues. You gave nothing but a poorly written opinion. Can I buy some substance? The “Saved By The Bell” reference was clever, but not really. Your wording is poor and I personally wrote a better article in the 90’s while I was but a babe. All caps does not a point make. I would love your job since you do it so inadequately. I hope you make a mean cup of Joe, since your writing is, well awful.

    Also, please pay an editor since your spelling could have been fixed in Word.

    In a word..Shameful.
     and I quote “Certainly, the religious school is cvery bit concerned that Borzellieri’s views are far outside of church teachings.”

    Obviously this article was not edited and should have been. While some of your points I may agree with, you are not the person to write it. Not an opinion, it is a simple fact.

    Attack away.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Justin. I re-read the feature a few times, but just couldn’t find that one typo in the text until this morning. Part of the gist of a story like this is reporting a wacky news story and having a little fun with it. Humor is a large part of a story like this. This story is outrageous news. I never claim to be the world’s best writer by any means. But, I love to crack a few jokes and be entertaining more than anything. You can do that with funny news, unlike some stories that just make me sad or disappointed.

  • Rae

    What’s intriguing to me, is that lack of understanding of how this might happen.  The school would run an FBI fingerprint and background check.  If they had simply run a google check, they are potentially violating this man’s civil liberties.  There are companies that will run internet checks of people and then provide the information that would be allowed to be used to denying someone a job.  But I will venture a guess that the school chose to not spend the money on this relatively new service.

    Also the flippant remark about the sex scandal in the church was neither amusing. clever nor relevant.  As it came about in a completely different way, not a lack of background checks.

    Anyway, interesting piece but I agree with the first commenter, even comedy deserves more substance.

    • Michael Carpenter

      Googling is public record and therefore does not violate his rights. Especially if he has written books and articles in support of white supremacy; the man purposely put that out there and if he meant for it to remain secret why would he have published it?

      I guarantee you that if I Googled a job applicant and saw that he or she were a registered sex offender or whtie supremacist, that is certainly a conflict of interest and easily within legal grounds to reject the application.

  • Catholic institutions have been hiring and hiding known child rapists for over 60 years.  Why is this a big deal?