Who Is Sandy McMillin?

Sandy McMillin 51, made national news when she was tossed out of a Eugene, Oregon Wal-Mart in what appeared to be outrageous dress and a shaved head. But, there’s an interesting life story behind this woman as KVAL noted. She was a former motorcycle racer who would race three wheeled motorcycles who suffered two serious life-threatening crashes in 1999 and 2008. In 1999 crash, she suffered serious head injuries that left her in a coma for three and a half months. Her head injuries were so serious she has continued to shave her head since the accident. She also wears a leg brace due to permanent damage to one leg as well. She’s been permanently disabled since the two accidents. She lost her husband, Jimmy, in a 2006 motorcycle crash. That’s been the biggest heartbreak of her life. Her husband was also her race crew chief as well. It was their common love of motorcycles and hot rods that brought the couple together.

KVAL, channel 13 Eugene, Oregon was a little dismayed that her appearance drew so many rude comments from viewers. Indeed, I admit to even tossing out some cheap jokes about her appearance. That was very wrong of me. She’s a fellow motorcycle rider, and a real hero who was brave enough to rip roar down a racetrack in the dangerous world of motorcycle drag racing, and she deserves a great deal of respect as a great sports figure. Maybe the bikini top was a bad idea, but I think that Wal-Mart owed her a lot more respect than she received. I bet few Wal-Mart employees would have the balls to do what this lady has done with her life so far.

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  • 1. Racing motorcycles may be a brave thing to do, but it does not make one a hero.

    2. Sam Walton must be turning over in his grave, because respect for individuals was one of his cherished beliefs. McMillin is to be respected because she is a person, not because she is a sports figure – whom plenty of people have never heard of.

    3. If McMillin had been shopping in my store, then I doubt that her clothing would have been a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but to me racing motorcycles rates right up there with sticking your head in a box of angry weasels.

    I still think if you shave Kitty Piercy’s head, you have a double.