Celebrity Skin: Markie Post

Markie Post who just turned 60(and still a major league babe!) this year is probably best known as public defender Christine Sullivan on NIGHT COURT, the very popular comedy that once was the highlight of Wednesday nights on NBC. Currently she voices the character June Darby in TRANSFORMERS PRIME. And despite a long career in TV and movies, this beautiful actress has just two nude scenes to her credit. In 1988, while NIGHT COURT was still in production, Markie Post played call girl Marla in TRICKS OF THE TRADE, a made-for-TV movie. However, the home video version of the movie features some rare nudity from the actress including a topless scene and a nude swim scene not featured in the edited TV version of the movie. Fans of NIGHT COURT certainly got to see a lot more of the actress than they normally do.

The last known partially nude scene filmed by the actress was in the 1996 made-for-TV science fiction space alien film, VISITORS OF THE NIGHT, where some horny space alien beams Markie Post aboard their ship for a little alien probing, all done in the name of science, huh?

Despite her great beauty, nudes of Markie Post are exceedingly rare, where a number of fake nudes flourish on the Internet, photo-shopped by fans of the actress, who can only wish to see more of her in her birthday suit. But, the brainy daughter of a distinguished nuclear scientist, Richard F. Post, was rare to appear nude during her career, making TRICKS OF THE TRADE her most daring film of them all.

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