Celebrity Skin: Larry Flynt Offers Casey Anthony $500,000 To Pose Nude

Larry Flynt has offered acquitted child killer Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in HUSTLER along with 10% of all profit, making the offer very lucrative. In 1975, HUSTLER made $20 million dollars off of some nude photos of Jackie Onassis. However, Larry Flynt apparently hasn’t heard about the negative reaction that Vivid received after they made a huge offer to Casey Anthony to do an adult DVD for the company. CEO Steven Hirsch was quickly forced to withdraw the offer after fans of the company’s films as well influential persons in the adult entertainment industry condemned the offer as a terrible bad publicity for an industry that makes every attempt to operate as a legal and legitimate industry.

Hugh Hefner also was quick to reject a PLAYBOY offer to Casey Anthony as well. On CNN’s PIERS MORGAN show he told Morgan that PLAYBOY refused to “reward” someone accused of such a horrible crime, although she was acquitted.

It appears however, that the lawyer for Casey Anthony is still attempting to line up a $1.5 million exclusive contract deal for her to do an interview with a major TV network. However, the networks are all refusing to compensate Anthony for an interview as of this time. Some syndicated talk show has already made a $250,000 offer to Anthony’s parents to appear on a show though.

Casey might soon need to take up some outrageous offer at some point since prosecutors in Florida are beginning actions to require her to pay back at least part of their $140,000 in prosecution costs in addition to other Florida law enforcement agency costs since she cost them so much money by lying to law enforcement to impede the investigation of the suspected murder.

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