Sandy McMillin Kicked Out of Wal-Mart for Violating Dress Code

Sandy McMillin kicked out of walmart

Sandy McMillin Kicked Out of Wal-Mart for Violating Dress Code

How low do you have to go to violate the dress code at Wal-Mart? Did anyone KNOW there was a Wal-Mart dress code? I mean, there is a reason there is an entire website dedicated to the People of Wal-Mart (and it ain’t pretty). What do you have to wear, or not wear, to get kicked out of Wal-Mart?

Apparently the bar for appropriate attire at Wal-Mart has now been set by a Wal-Mart in Eugene, Oregon. Sandy McMillin (pictured above), was dressed pretty much like she is in the photo and was asked to leave the store because her attire (or lack thereof) violated health codes.

She says she and her sister just went in to buy a few things and were approached in the clothing section and asked to leave. Others say she was obnoxious and verbally abusive to other customers, leading sales people to ask her to leave. Wal-Mart says they are sorry, have apologized to Ms. McMillin and made sure their sales associates know how to handle situations like this in the future.

Sandy McMillin says an apology from Wal-Mart is not enough and will never shop there again. I guess that’ll show them!!!

You can watch the video below of Sandy McMillin discussing her embarrassment at being escorted out of Wal-mart for violating their dress code.

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  • Paul Hooson

    That’s one heck of a look. Amazing she got kicked out. She looks like typical Wal-Mart shopper to me from the Food Stamp Express Lane.

    • Paul, why are you stereotyping the recipients of food stamps? I have checked out plenty of Walmart customers who receive food stamps, and they don’t all look as tacky as McMillin.

  • Anonymous

    Shoot, I thought that was the mayor of Eugene.

  •  Why would you throw such a nice man out of the wal-mart?

  •  Why would you throw such a nice man out of the wal-mart?

  • I am employed by Walmart, and I am puzzled by the reason that Sandy McMillin was removed from the Eugene Walmart store. The only dress code that I know of is that a person cannot be topless, usually in reference to a man not wearing a shirt.

    However, if she was being verbally abusive to other customers, then she might be leaving that part out of her story in order to gain sympathy.

    I am not defending that particular store. I’m just saying that there are two sides to every story.

    • Paul Hooson

      Hello, David. You seem like such a decent man. Your comments are so welcome here. I apologize for my cheap jokes about folks on Food Stamps or Sandy McMillin, as both comments were meant as jokes for laughs, but might be hurtful to some. That”s not right, and I’m sorry for such cheap laughs.

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  • whitey joe young

    which health code did she violate?