Leighton Meester Custody Battle With Mother Over Brother

Leighton Meester and Alexander Meester

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester is in the middle of some nastiness with her mother who was at one time also her manager. It seems that the two are suing each other. Leighton is suing for custody of her younger brother, Alexander Meester, who is said to have some chronic health issues. The 25-year-old Leighton has been sending something like $7,500 per month to her mother to pay for Alexander’s medical care only to find out her mother had been using the money for plastic surgery, hair extensions, botox and for her own lifestyle needs.

Leighton is pissed off.

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She is now trying to get custody of her brother from her mother and have him come live with her in New York.

In return, her mother, Constance Meester, is suing Leighton for assault, claiming she hit her mother repeatedly with a bottle back in December. In addition, the mother claims that Leighton promised to give her $10,000 per month for life and has only been giving her the $7,500 the young star wants her to use for the care of her brother. Constance (Connie) Meester is suing her daughter for $3 million. I just have to say, under these circumstances, wouldn’t you want to hit her with a bottle?

What a mess. I hope Leighton Meester gets custody of her brother from her mother. But that’s just me.

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