Denise Richards Reveals Lesbian Fling On Howard Stern

Charlie Sheen’s former wife, Denise Richards, made a little news of her own on HOWARD STERN when she revealed that she had a lesbian fling with a famous Hollywood actress. The actress was appearing to support her new book, THE REAL GIRL NEXT DOOR. You can expect the radio segment’s video portion to also be broadcast on HOWARDTV, Stern’s cable TV version of his program soon as well. So you might consider subscribing to HOWARDTV to catch this and other newsworthy interviews.

Denise Richards described the girl in her fling as a real “girly girl” and very beautiful. Denise claims that both her and her girlfriend were “curious”. Curiosity satisfied, Denise?

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  • new book tour requires some kind of controversy/flash. 

    Cryptic lesbian reference.