Victor Mousetraps’ Made In The USA Sweepstakes!

Some stories just want to make my heart all swell up with pride. No country in the whole darn world has better perfected mounting a spring on a block of wood than the U.S. The Chinese can’t take this high tech product from us. And Victor Mousetraps wants you to feel pride as well for their American made mousetraps that they’ve been building since 1890. Victor is running a “Made In America” sweepstakes on their website where six lucky winners can walk off with $500. Wow, I say!

Starting out in the wood block and spring business in Oneida, NY, Victor moved to a new manufacturing location in Lititz, PA in 1902, continuing their operations to this day. Besides the classic wood block and spring traps, Victor actually has a line of more modern rodent catchers, although for sheer simplicity, the tried and true wood block and spring traps work great.

During WWII, Victor helped to produce products for the war effort that included army cots, fuse plugs as well as wire devices for parachutes. Victor still produces products in Lititz, PA, as well as Knoxville, TN and Ellendale, MN.

Victor takes pride in keeping American families safe from rodents while keeping jobs in the United States building the proven wood block and spring devices. Victor spokesman, Julien Godbarge, proudly proclaims that “Our Made In America Campaign is a reflection of Victor’s loyalty to our American roots. We want to keep domestic manufacturing jobs across the country and continue our products’ standard of excellence with American consumers”. Well, there’s a company that’s mighty proud of their wood blocks with a spring on them right there. Take note, the rest of the world. When it all comes down to who builds the best wood blocks with a spring on them in the world, the U.S. has that take no prisoners, can do attitude when it comes to mousetraps. How can a country that determined to build the best wood blocks with springs mounted on them ever fail? That’s determination!

In future days, you can look forward to more pride in the USA features such as Made In The USA matches, a high tech industry that actually puts a bit of sulfur on a cardboard stick. Wow!

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