LOST Deleted Scene at Comic-Con! (Video)

Comic-Con just wasn’t the same this year without having LOST as part of the whole experience. If I have to explain that statement to you, then you just wouldn’t understand. LOST loyalists will understand it perfectly. Fortunately, there was one little tidbit of LOST at Comic-Con 2011. A Lost deleted scene was shown at Comic-Con and you can watch it below. It ties up yet another lose end or two from the show.

Lost deleted scene

Many of us who were faithful in watching every single episode of LOST have just not felt the same about television shows since it ended. We’ve read the analyses of the ending on the various websites dedicated to deciphering the complex story-lines of the show. We’ve come up with our theories and imbued meaning where there may, or may not, have been any meaning intended. Whatever our intent, the characters on the show became our friends or enemies. We cared what happened to them. We cared where the show was going, what it all meant and how it would all end.

For some it was hard to accept that sometimes a baseball is just a baseball.

When it all ended, when many (though not enough) of the puzzles were solved, many wanted more. But that was it. That was the end of the saga of the survivors on The Island. Their destinies were laid out for us with enough questions lingering to keep us wondering and puzzling over it for a while. Enough were answered to give us a sense of completion.

But was it really over? Not so fast. There are still deleted episode to be viewed, analyzed, deciphered and discussed. Not to mention, a few unknowns to be revealed … like what was Jacob’s brother’s name? That is answered in the video below.

Watch the video below and enjoy another taste of LOST though the deleted scene that was presented at Comic-Con. Who knows, maybe there’ll be more to come! Oh, and enjoy the laugh!


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  • Kelly Jean

    Haha… wouldn’t have pegged him as a “Barry.”