Gilbert Gottfried’s Facebook Page Filled With Amy Winehouse Death Jokes

While comic Gilbert Gottfried himself avoiding telling any Amy Winehouse death jokes, his fans on Facebook have filled up Gilbert’s page with a motherload of jokes about the singer’s death. During the tragic tsunami that hit Japan, Gilbert Gottfried lost his contract as the Aflac duck after telling some tsunami jokes on his Realgilbert Twitter account site. Part of Gilbert Gottfried’s shtick has been to tell inappropriate jokes way too soon, including celebrity death jokes. However, in this latest case, it’s the fans of the comic that have pushed the envelop and carried the load for the comic by posting one inappropriate Amy Winehouse death joke after another. Some examples are:

Michael M. wrote that: “Breaking: When police found Amy Winehouse, she had a stack of sheet music and a big eraser. She had been decomposing”. And also, “Lenny was the last Jew to die of an overdose. Pretty good track record”.

Tyler I. wrote, “RIP Amy Winehouse…..the first woman to have a surname to match her liver”.

And Mo G. wrote, “What? No Amy Winehouse jokes???? I hope Gilbert is still alive!”.

Duke Richards wrote, “They tried to make her go to the rehab, and she said, “No! No! No!”. Now she was found in her apartment lying dead on the Floor! Floor! Floor! While Art B commented that, “Somebody must have smoked all her weed, so she went to the harder stuff?”.

I bet Gilbert Gottfried is mighty grateful that he didn’t have to go where some of his fans went. Probably, just biting his lip grateful…..

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