Amy Winehouse Autopsy: Did She Drink Herself to Death?

The Amy Winehouse autopsy is scheduled for Monday, but already people are speculating that she drank herself to death. No drug paraphernalia was found in her home, but she had been drinking in spite of her attempts to stay sober over the last few months. Read more and see a video of her last attempt to perform ‘Back to Black’ in Belgrade during the first and last attempt at a comeback European tour last month below.

Amy Winehouse Dead

How sad is it that Amy Winehouse is dead? She’s joined the 27 Club with the likes of Janis Jopin, Curt Cobain, Jimmy Hindricks, Jim Morrison and other rock stars who have inexplicable died in the 27th year of their lives.

I guess she’ll always be remembered for that.

Still, it comes as no surprise. Even her parents said it was just a matter of time. Anyone paying attention to her rise to fame and her

On the night before her death she is said to have bought a potpourri of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine. But in the end, it seems that it was alcohol that was her undoing. The current word is that she drank herself to death.

The last time she was seen alive was by her security guard, Andrew Morris, about 10:00 a.m Saturday morning. She said she wanted to sleep. When he tried to arouse her later in the day, about 4 in the afternoon, she had no pulse and rigor mortis had set in. He called emergency services but they said she was beyond help.

No drug paraphernalia was found in her house, but she was presumed to have been partying and drinking heavily the night before her death.

She died alone in her bed sometime between 10 a.m on Saturday morning and 4 p.m on Saturday afternoon.

And so ended the life and career of one of the most tragic talents of this generation.

You can watch Amy Winehouse try to perform her hit ‘Back to Black’ for her first and last European concert tour concert in Belgrade last month in the video below. What a tragic figure!


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