Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Florida Sheriff & Boyfriend Arrested For Sexual Torture Of Inmates At Juvenile Correction Institution

It seems that it’s not only congress that’s filled with some real sick puppies these days. In Polk County Florida, a 45 year old female sheriff has been arrested for torturing juvenile female inmates at a juvenile correction facility and then recording the abuse to send to her boyfriend who is a citizen of Australia. It’s only the latest embarrassment for a police department that is also being sued by an atheist who has been recently arrested three times on very trivial charges mostly because of her nonreligious beliefs. To say that this particular Florida county has some real ethics problems with their sheriff department would be a gross understatement.

45 year old Sheriff Robin Leigh Pagoria, was reported to have been arrested after converting a desk into a bondage device for restraining young inmates and administering spankings and whippings to juvenile offenders at the Polk County corrections location with sex toys such as paddles and whips. She claimed that she recorded the sometimes bloody beatings to review and “fine tune’ her technique”. The boyfriend that she met through some sexual fetish website who lives in Australia was also arrested for helping to encourage and direct the beatings of the juvenile offender inmates.

Pagoria would often administer a 10-11 minute whipping or punishment, sometimes up to 68 lashes. However, her practice of recording the abuse also seems strangely similar to what used to happen at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, where the abuse of prisoners was always recorded and archived. Pagoria was a 22 year veteran of the Marines before joining the Polk County Sheriff Department.

Folks in Polk County Florida can sure rest assured that their hard earned tax dollars are being well spent when public safety dollars are being spent to construct bondage devices and sheriffs get to practice their sadomasochistic sex fetishes on the taxpayer’s dime. Some days I’m just so proud of my country! God bless America.

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