There’s big news for fans of the FINAL DESTINATION series. FINAL DESTINATION 5 will hit theaters on August 12 in Live 3D. And FINAL DESTINATION 6 and 7 will be filmed together if FINAL DESTINATION 5 is a box office success, which it should probably be considering the cult strength of the series among fans. So far for the $114 million spent on the first four films in the series, the franchise has grossed more than $497 million worldwide.

While the series has become something of a revolving door for directors, audiences have been pleased enough with the franchise that each film has had a bigger budget than the last film and grossed more money than the last. Some directors like James Wong were also known for his role directing the excellent TV cult series MILLENNIUM. The last film in the series might have gotten the weakest critical reviews of the four films, but it did include that great race track scene with flying cars and tires that’s simply breathtaking, especially with the 3D Bluray version of the film.

Warner Bros. has recently repacked the first four films as a DVD box set for just about $12.99 retail for supermarkets and video store sell through. It’s a terrific deal for the original four films each on a separate DVD. None of that packing four films onto one disc here. And with FINAL DESTINATION 3 you also get the chance to play God and decide who lives or dies with a choice option of heads or tails. It’s an outrageous special feature. And you know the guys are going to have a little fun deciding the fate with those naked suntan booth bimbos, which rates as one of the most memorable scenes in the whole series besides the opening frightening roller coaster accident scene. FINAL DESTINATION 2 and 3 were the two best reviewed films in the series.

Based on the success of this franchise, you can expect that FINAL DESTINATION 6 & 7 will be made and should be big hits. And in the Live 3D format, the series is a pure visual treat with incredible 3D shtick gimmicks galore. What a great fun franchise. Long may it continue.

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