Jane Fonda’s Appearance On QVC Canceled After Complaints

Jane Fonda was supposed to appear on QVC to promote her new book, PRIME TIME, but a number of protests from viewers still angry about her antiwar pro-North Vietnam actions back in 1972, forced QVC to cancel her appearance. About 40 years ago the actress angered many Americans when she toured North Vietnam and even sat in an NVA anti-aircraft gun and laughed and smiled. This and her outrageous statements calling the U.S. “imperialist” as well as referring to American soldiers as “enemy soldiers” still anger many. Back in 1970, Jane Fonda even claimed to be a “socialist” who believed that we “should strive to a socialist society, all the way to communism”. Not wanting any of this controversy, QVC thought it much better to cancel her appearance on the program and offer up something less controversial.

Fonda’s actions during the war went far beyond most of the opposition to the war among the public, and had earned her the nickname, “Hanoi Jane” among some.

Some American pilots such as John McCain were shot down by North Vietnamese antiaircraft guns such as the one that Jane Fonda sat in. Likely, Jane Fonda’s career always suffered some permanent damage because of her actions during the war.

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