Based off the popular video game is the third film in the BLOODRAYNE series, comes this $10 million direct to DVD release. Long delayed from a scheduled filming in Croatia back in 2008, the film was finally shot in 2010 and wrapped up. While hardly a masterpiece by any means, the film is still an enjoyable popcorn genre film. Strangely, Clint Howard(the former child actor from GENTLE BEN) makes a weird cameo in this film as a Nazi doctor involved in grisly human experiments. It’s Clint Howard at his most unsettling role ever.

In terms of weird WWII movies, this is one of the stranger ones ever made. And even for the small $10 million dollar budget, this film provides a little enjoyment. BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH is outrageous, violent and sexy. BLOODRAYNE tries to be many things, partially an action film, partially a horror film, partially a sexy girl show. It may be master of none of these things, yet it provides enough entertainment to be acceptably good fun.

The Bottom Line: While hardly some seat of your pants action thrill ride much like the video-game can provide, this low budget action-horror film niche genre film isn’t entirely bad to enjoy for a viewing. ++1/2 Stars(a little bit better than fair, but not quite a good film. Rent, but don’t spend your money buying a DVD of this).

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