High School Photos Of The Stars: Frank Zappa And Don Van Vliet

Lots of folks don’t realize it, but both Frank Zappa and Don Van Vliet(Captain Beefheart) attended Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster, Ca. back in 1958. While Frank graduated, Don Van Vliet actually dropped out during the year, yet had this photo included with a cap and gown as though he was among the graduates. Who’d ever think that Don Van Vliet would like to mess a little with people?

Bet you didn’t know that the two late great avant garde rock stars were former classmates. There must have been something real good in the water at that high school, you think?

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  • there must a been something in the water the way they look on the pictures grinn.

  • Matfo52

    A lot of us knew that they were friends growing up as well as musical collaborators. What I wonder is why you felt it necessary to photoshop the caps and gowns. The FZ pic is the same as on the back cover of Ruben and the Jets, except for the cap and gown.