Lady Gaga YouTube Account Suspended: Treats Sydney Airport like a Catwalk (Photos)

Lady Gaga

I’m right on the verge of feeling sorry for Lady Gaga. Things have not been going well lately. Her record sells have plummeted and now she’s had her YouTube account suspended for copyright violations. But those kinds of distractions don’t keep her from treating the Sydney airport like a catwalk. Check out her poses while in the Sydney airport. The woman obviously enjoys whatever attention she can grab for herself.

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Meanwhile, her Youtube account has been suspended for copyright violations.

Lady Gaga’s YouTube account was suspended Thursday. The notice read that the suspension was due to “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s copyright policy.”

The Google Inc.-owned YouTube declined to comment. It’s YouTube policy to remove accounts after three copyright violations, though they can be restored after being corrected.

Reports have suggested that the infringing video was a recently uploaded clip of Gaga’s performance on Fuji TV. Messages left with Gaga’s publicist and record label, Interscope, weren’t immediately returned Thursday.

Don’t worry. While she’s dealing with the YouTube copyright problems her videos can still be found on Vevo.

See the Lady Gaga photos below, treating Sydney Airport like a catwalk as she struts and poses her way to her flight. I would show you one of her YouTube videos … but her account is suspended.

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