Lady Gaga Wheelchair Controversy

Lady Gaga wheelchair

Lady Gaga is all about shock and awe, but now she has incurred the wrath of disability groups for using a wheelchair as a prop in a show in Australia last night.

Six songs into the ten song set, Gaga went off for a costume change and came on in a wheelchair wearing a PVC mermaid tail before launching into her single You And I.

But although her fans went crazy for the performance, it was met with disapproval from some disability organisations and advocacy groups.

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Is it true that stars who lack talent have to use publicity stunts to get attention? Is that the case with Lady Gaga? What do you think of the Lady Gaga wheelchair controversy? Should mermaids be upset about this as well as disabled groups?

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  • Her 15 minutes have expired, and she’s attempting to get more time.  It won’t work – but… she’ll keep trying.

  • Angelgeevega

    Is her “15 minutes” really “expired”? I mean, she still has people like you talking about her so…