Don Rickles Opens New Twitter Account

Master insult comic Don Rickles just opened a new Twitter account that you can sign up for at Donmailto:[email protected] The 85 year old comic legend posted his first two Tweets including a self-deprecating joke to watch him on Jay Leno’s show last night, and warned his fans, “Don’t worry, he’ll be funny”. Rickles continues a busy schedule of appearances even at his advanced age often playing gigs at casinos, theaters and other venues. Sites like Eventful can keep you posted by Email with an alert when Don Rickles will play in your area.

Always a master of the quick wit and great timing, Don Rickles has the ability to quickly come up with an insult joke in an instant, inspired by those in the audience. It’s that funny audience participation feature that makes him among the most durable of the insult comics of all time. Rickles began his long career in Las Vegas in 1959, and became a legend over the years.

Don’t expect Don Rickles to slow down anytime soon. This guy’s got plenty more laughs in him. And we’re real glad for it. Underneath that tough exterior is a very kind and decent man who has selflessly helped to support children’s health charity work. God bless him(if no one else will).

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