Rupert Murdoch’s Scandal Holds Unforeseen Consequences

Rupert Murdoch has created an entertainment and news giant empire for FOX and News Corp, but how much that huge empire will be hurt by his phone hacking scandal remains to be seen. U.S. Representative Peter King(R-NY) has been urging the FBI to investigate the scandal in which Murdoch sought to have the phones of 9/11 hacked. Whether or not the scandal hurts the credibility of both FOX and News Corp as a news source remains to be seen, but the news isn’t good for Murdoch. Parliament in England also wants Murdoch to answer some questions.

Beyond the 9/11 victims, it appears that former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was also a victim of the phone hacking attempts, which has prompted the Parliament in the UK to act. Murder victim Milly Dowler was also a victim of Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal. In this case, the phone hacking actually impeded the police investigation into the crime.

In the UK, the scandal has helped to sink the NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper owned by Murdoch, and could spell serious problems for his New York based News Corp as well as FOX, which could both be measurably hurt by the scandal. Rupert Murdoch might be best known for his support of conservative leaning politics, but that makes no difference to many conservative leaning legislators in both the UK and the US who are joining together with more liberal legislators in efforts to investigate this scandal.

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