Ted Danson Takes Over Lead Role On CSI

You can rest easy folks. There will be a big name actor taking over at CSI…..It’s Ted Danson! Wow! What a big name to add to the cast. Ted Danson is also a very familiar face over at CBS as well, where he expertly played the cranky Dr. Becker on the comedy BECKER for a few seasons. The show was also one of the best comedies the network had ever aired, which begs the question whether Ted Danson can play a serious role real well. Well, here’s the evidence….

Ted Danson is a great actor with endless ability. He’s proven very versatile at anything that he does. And he’s just quirky enough that he should be able to play the lead role with a little dry humor as well, just like he did on BECKER. Ted Danson seems expert at dry comedy. And he’s deeply intellectual, which should make him a perfect fit for the role once led by the Gus Grissom character.

So CBS has big star power at the helm of CSI as well as Ashton Kutcher taking over for at least one season over at TWO AND A HALF MEN. That sounds like another winning ratings season over the network? You think?

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  • Okiedokiegames

    Gil Grissom. Not Guy. Gil.