Motorcycle Club Members Known For Charity Work Busted By Feds

In a shocking turn of events, a Philadelphia based African American motorcycle club that has been known for charity work for homeless children and other good works was targeted by federal agents with 18 club members indicted for various crimes that include murder, racketeering, kidnapping and other acts of violence, as well as drug sales. Club members in 7 states were sought for arrest, with only four still not captured according to the latest report by an NBC affiliate.

According to one national news report, a 2009 incident involving a member of another motorcycle club and a leader of Wheels Of Soul created a rivalry between the two club members and resulted in a series of incidents.

Previously, Wheels Of Soul members sold tickets to a Halloween event to other motorcycle club members where the funds helped to support a skating party for homeless children and their mothers. The proceeds helped out a 210 bed emergency center in Philadelphia, that provided emergency housing in the cold winter season.

Some African American motorcycle clubs such as God’s Wheels are known as a Christian club, where food is collected to help feed the hungry. Wheels Of Soul members were also strong supporters at ride events to help with autistic children as well. Many motorcycle club members work hard to establish good reputations for the biker community by sponsoring charity ride events.

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