Mila Kunis Accepts Date with Marine Sgt Scott Moore (Video)

The feel-good story of the day is that Mila Kunis accepts a date with Marine Sgt Scott Moore. He’s the Marine who did a YouTube video asking Mila to go with him to the Marine Corps Ball. You can see his video as well as the video of her accepting the date below!

Mila Kunis, Marine Scott Moore

Mila Kunis just raised her cool factor 100% by accepting a date with Marine Sgt. Scott Moore to go to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on November 18, 2011. We like to think we might have helped this romance along. We reported on Sgt. Moore’s Youtube video when he had just 3,000 views and now he has close to a million. Coincidence? We choose to think not!

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So far their relationship has been only on YouTube. He’s in Afghanistan serving the country and she’s in Hollywood making movies. He did the video asking her for a date and she was videoed accepting his invitation.

I’m really happy for Marine Sgt. Scott Moore. I hear his unit is getting hit hard in Afghanistan. I think its totally cool for Mila Kunis to give him (and the other Marines who will be at the Marine Corps Ball in November) something to look forward to when they get back home. They deserve it after the tough time they are having in Afghanistan.

And to think this all started because of a bet.

Watch the videos below. Also enjoy the photos of Mila Kunis in her panties for GQ.


Mila Kunis Accepts Date with Marine Sgt Scott Moore – Video

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