Gilbert Gottfried Tweets Some Choice Casey Anthony Jabs

On his way to play a tour at Portland Oregon’s Helium Comedy Club, Gilbert Gottfried Tweeted some funny and outrageous jabs at Casey Anthony. Gilbert Tweeted that, “I just proposed to Casey Anthony. I figure she knows how to keep kids quiet”. Gilbert also joked that, “Upon hearing the not guilty verdict, Casey Anthony left the court room and yelled, “Oh by the way, I killed Nicole Simpson”.

Gilbert Gottfried’s jabs at probably the most hated woman in America right now, likely expresses part of frustration that many feel right now in the face of the outrageous verdict. Gilbert Gottfried often uses his Real Gilbert Twttter account to post some funny and outrageous topical humor jokes. You need to add this to your favorites and check in each day on this master comic’s latest take on the news.

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