Former PLAYBOY Model, Sara Jean Underwood Joined Portland’s Naked Bike Event

Sara Jean Underwood, the former PLAYBOY Magazine model from Portland, Oregon wants the whole world to know that she was back home in town to take part in the recent World Naked Bike Ride event. She’s recently circulated a few choice photos of herself to prove that she was there. The blond babe who is now 27 has graced the July 2006 issue of PLAYBOY, setting off a few fireworks of her own.

Truth be told, not everyone looks all that great naked. In fact, many folks actually make you mighty glad that they’re wearing clothes. But, Sara Jean Underwood had to be one of the best undressed riders at Portland’s own version of the annual naked ride through town this year


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  • Yeah!!!

    • I bet there were a lot of happy bikers there! lol