No, it’s not a new Surgeon General warning! But, NBC’s big hit Summer program, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT is leading to a few injuries to performers who pull out all the stops to offer the best performance of their lives. In one case, the lead performer of a top notch dance group injured her ankle before a performance, but performed with wrap on the ankle to offer support. In another more serious accident, another group of dancers form a pyramid during their performance. However, one performer fell and was injured in a bloody accident breaking her nose tip and a busted lip. She was sent to the hospital.

While the injuries are shocking, they are also signs about how hard some acts are competing to put on the very best performance of their lives. It’s a sure sign that AMERICA’S GOT TALENT is great TV! Catch this great program each Tuesday night over at NBC!

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  • The Calico dancing duo was skipped over, as well as some of
    the other groups because there wasn’t enough time but I think everyone just
    wanted to get to Anna Graceman.  She
    seems to have so much maturity in her little body besides just singing
    talent.  She didn’t have it in her face
    the whole time though and I don’t know if she is a million dollar act
    personally, but she definitely deserves to be famous one day.  I wish her the best in L.A.  I
    rarely have a chance to watch TV at home any more as work is becoming more
    demanding, summer activities to take the kids to and dates with my wife.  That’s why I love my DISH Network employee
    Sling adapter so much because I get my favorite shows in like AGT when I have
    spare time but away from home.  I can’t
    wait for when they start showing the big acts in Hollywood.