Casey Anthony to be Released July 13!

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony has to serve another week in jail and then she will be released and never be able to be charged with the murder of her daughter again. She could freakin’ confess to the crime and go free.

The lesson learned here is that if you do murder then make sure the body is so decomposed by the time its found that they can’t determine a cause of death. Also, make sure there is no way to connect you with the actual dead body aside from circumstantial evidence. Then lie to the cops and brag about what a good liar you are, hire a slimy attorney at tax-payer expense, behave yourself while you are serving some pre-trial jail time and then walk away from it all.

Well. I can’t even imagine where she’ll go or what she’ll do (other than write books and have a Lifetime Television for Women movie made). Who would give her a job? The world knows where she lives? Will she go back to her parents house after all that’s happened?

What a crazy world!

Casey Anthony to be released July 13!

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  • Paul Hooson

    Well, let this be a stern lesson to anyone who is considering child murder. You might face a few hours in jail if you lie to the police. That, should act as a pretty strong deterrent to such a horrible act!